I guess this quote really is true! And I can prove it. If you are a consistent reader of my blogs, then you will know about me not getting a place in a secondary school. Well read on and you’ll find out the true meaning of this quote and my dream…

I once remember being a little girl, dreaming about what it would be like to be older. Old enough to go out by myself, old enough to buy my own clothes and old enough to go to High School. Dreaming is one of the greatest things the human brain can do. It’s when you can achieve the impossible. Dreaming is magical! Dreaming is inspirational! Dreaming is daring! Dreaming is endless!

Once you believe, your dream no longer seems unreal. Believing that your going to accomplish something is amazing. No it’s fantastic. Actually it’s perfect! When you believe you can achieve it’s that easy! Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the impossible. Dream that you can believe. Believe that you can dream.  oh yeax

Achieving something is hard. Achieving something requires hard work and dedication (yeah I know you probably hear that all the time). You can only achieve if you believe and you can only believe if you dream.

Now you know what each of these words mean let me explain how it’s true. As I said at the beginning of this blog, I hadn’t had a secondary school to go to. Well I dreamt about it, since I was a little girl. I believed I would get a place in the school that I wanted. And somehow I achieved it. I HAVE NOW GOT A PLACE IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL I WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading this. Please comment on your DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE moments. And while your doing that don’t forget to follow. Thanks again!

Still searching for my dream…

(At least I’ve found this one!)


One thought on “Dream…Believe…Achieve!

  1. Ayesha says:

    OMG OMG this one is sooooo good, pretty much all your post are but, this is one of my favourites. Dream, Believe, Acheive is such a good recipe to live by. 👍🏼


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