It’s A Girly Thing!

Boys think girls are weak. Boys think girls are useless. But what do us girls think. Are we strong? Are we clever? As long as we think we are who we want to be then everything’s fine.

It’s not just clothes and shoes that girls worry about it’s a whole lot more. And much more important. Boys don’t understand what girls have to go through sometimes. Girls have emotional breakdowns and worry a lot more than boys. Sometimes it’s about silly little things and sometimes it’s about something big. For boys losing a football match is the worst moment of their lives, but for girls losing a best friend is the worst moment of our lives.

The other day my dad told me something, ” Don’t let silly little things get to me easily.” I hate to say it but he’s right. I was getting all worked up for nothing really. So what my brother laughed at me because of what I’m wearing. What does he know about fashion. I’ve always cried over little things eg: Thinking that my best friend had made a new best friend, who cares there are loads of other girls to play with. Girls do get all worked up more than boys. Girls do have to go through had times during each month. Boys have to learn to put up with it it’s who we are now and who we are going to be for the rest of our lives!

Sometimes girls do overreact. I can definitely say that I do. Just because my brother touches me I shout and scream at him. I do get moody a lot, I guess my family has learnt to live with it but when I’m in my teens… things will get a lot worse. I really don’t know how I will cope growing up. What will life throw at me? What will the future me be like? I don’t know but what I do know is if I be less moody and try to be a little calmer than I can be the person I want to be.


Before I even get started on girls’ fashion and looks I just want everyone to know. Whoever is reading this: friends or family, girl or boy, child or adult. You are all beautiful in your own way and DON’T LET ANYONE EVER DULL YOUR SPARKLE. Girls’ biggest worry is about how they look. I have noticed that since I turned 11 I have noticed a big difference in how I look and how I think I look. I have become more aware of what I wear and what I look like. I don’t want anyone to not like me because of the way I look (even though that’s wrong, you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks you should judge them on their personality). I want people to like me just the way I am. That’s what I’ve learnt being myself gets me further in life than clothes. I that’s just who girls are. They do worry about looks and we always will. But just be yourself.

I cry a lot as I have said before. I cry, I swear and I go off in a mood. What type of life is that? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being a moody, sad girl. But the problem is sometimes I cry and I don’t know why. The other day I was crying and my dad asked me what’s the matter , and I mean I was seriously crying, but I didn’t know why. I had no idea what I was crying about. I couldn’t stop. I guess just at that time everything just seemed a bit too much. Sometimes crying is ok. Sometimes you need to cry. Sometimes all you have to do is put a fake smile on, lift your head up high and walk away. When I walk away I imagine myself walking and stomping on all of the bad things and focus on how lucky I am to have a family that loves me and friends who love me.

Girls are tricky to understand, We all know that. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. Just smile and believe that something good will always happen you just have to look for it.

Thank you for reading this. Hope you enjoyed this. Please leave your worries and problems of being a girl in the comments below and also I would find it really helpful if you could just leave a few suggestions on what I could do for my next blog post.

Don’t forget if the front door gets slammed in your face then go through the back door and work your way forward and if the back doors locked then go through the window there is always a way in to hope and faith.

Still searching for my dream…


5 thoughts on “It’s A Girly Thing!

  1. Ayesha says:

    U R Amazing!

    Love your blogs and the messages you write about.

    I also cry a lot, get moody, stress about everything & anything. Half the time it’s a build up of some minor things and other times it’s huge life altering issues but, you are absolutely right we girls just get too emotional and it all seems huge when really we just need to relax, meditate & do yoga or go shopping!

    Girlies remember we are much stronger than we think. So stand tall, straighten your tiara & keep being gorgeous because you’re all beautiful just the way you are.


  2. grace de cani says:

    I really agree with you. I don’t wear girly clothes and I’m not such a girly girl but even if my BFF is a girly girl, that doesn’t make any differences. You don’t need to change your apperance just to make friends, be yourself not someone you aren’t. Girls are always saying boys are stupid, boys are always thinking girls are stupid, but even if you do think a few boys are truly stupid (Jacob, Ryley!) We are both different in our own way. Girls have to go through different things than boys, mostly worst things but I guess that’s just how it works.


  3. alaher1 says:

    Part of life my lovely – crying is good sometimes! A way of dealing with what life throws at you. But be strong, believe in yourself and you will be more than fine 🙂

    Love you x


  4. emilia says:

    Heres a quote i think youll like

    When a girl cries, there is always a reason, it may be small.


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