Believe YOU are special.

Believe YOU are unique.

Believe YOU can be the one you want to be.

Every single one of you are amazing in your own way. No other person is like you, no matter what life has for you, you know what to do.

You should never try to change who you are. You can change how you look, your style, your attitude, your behaviour, but you can never change who you are. We were born to be the ones we are now and forever will be. Obviously, from time to time we all wish we were someone else, maybe because of richness, beauty or anything else. We are all who we are for a reason, you can choose what to do with your life if you try and believe. I always use the word ‘believe’ in my blogs because, for me, that is the strongest word (in a good way). If you believe you can achieve anything (well not everything but you get what I mean).

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If you don’t know who you are and who you want to be, then that’s not a problem because that’s me. I know who I am obviously – a human – but I don’t know my true self. I always ask myself this question: Who do I want to be? The answer to that is…


I have no idea!!! That is why I’m writing this blog. To find out who I am. I believe (there goes that word again) that I will find out in the end…hopefully.

You don’t need to rush into choosing who you are, the answer will come when it’s the right time. You already are who you are, we just don’t notice it. We are who we are, there is nothing to do about it and there’s nothing wrong about it.

YOU are amazing.

YOU are wanted.

YOU are successful.

YOU are who you want to be.

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Still searching for my dream…

Hopefully you aren’t 😉


5 thoughts on “Be-you-tiful!

  1. grace de cani says:

    Love it. All of that is totally true. Sometimes if someone says to you to believe, you just give up and think that you can’t do it but everything is worth a try and it mostly always turns out how you want it. I know that you’ve had school problems, but when you believed in yourself, you found out that you were 3rd!


  2. Ayesha says:

    Another awesome post with a really good message! You are right sometimes we lose hope and faith especially when we have a set back but the trick is to keep believing and things tend to work out better then we planned!

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  3. alaher1 says:

    Believe in yourself and you will fly!
    Be who you want to be and try not copy others. We all are special and unique in our own ways. Treasure those times and you will achieve your ambitions and goals xx


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