Bad News And Disappointments

When someone says “I have some good news and bad news” you nearly always go for the good news first (well at least some of us do). We’ve all been let down before, for several reasons. Sometimes it’s just mean to happen for your own good. I’ve been let down recently and I have learnt what I should’ve done and what I shouldn’t have done. I can tell you that I really shouldn’t have locked myself in the toilet and cried my eyes out. Sometimes you have to go through the toughest rain to meet the sunshine.

The disappointment that I had to face was not getting into the Secondary School I wanted, we then declined which means I have no high school to go to. But I have learnt that maybe it was just not meant to be. I realised that I had to think positive or I would probably spend the rest of my life miserable. I knew that in the end I am bound to get a school because it’s against the law for me to not go! According to my dad since that day my mood has changed, not in a good way though. Apparently, I’ve been acting more sad and tired. I hate to say it but I agree with him and I’m worried that I’m making everyone around me feel moody. Now I understand that now matter how I feel I should put a smile on and enjoy my last year at school.



There is no such thing as BAD LUCK, everything happens for a reason. Luck is nothing, no one is lucky or you aren’t unlucky. You are probably thinking what the hell is she talking about, I won’t force you into believing me but I’m just telling you. I used to believe a lot in luck I would always say everyone is much luckier than me but then I learnt to appreciate what I already have. Also, I would always wear my lucky charm to school, I think lucky charms are great, although there’s no such thing as luck, I think lucky charms show your personality and gives someone a nice impression of yourself. Unfortunately I lost my lucky charm but it was no biggy as I didn’t get any less lucky than I already was.


Life is full of disappointments but we all have to deal with it. Sometimes it’s for a good reason, other times it happens as a warning. We never expect what’s going to happen. We are all lucky in our own way, don’t let silly little disappointments drag you down.

Thank you for reading! Hope you learnt lots. Plz tell me how you felt in the comments below and please follow or like my blogs if you are enjoying hearing about all of my experiences. Thanks again!

Still searching for my dream…



9 thoughts on “Bad News And Disappointments

  1. grace de cani says:

    That was such a good blog. I know it seems like the rest of your life is going to be bad, but there’s always a solution for everything. All of the schools in the world are amazing and even if you get into a school you wanted to go into, you will deginately give in. The best thing to do is just believe in yourself and don’t give up. If you give up you might miss your chance.

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  2. Ayesha says:

    You have a very good attitude towards life’s ups and downs, keep remembering that when a window closes another door opens, there is always a reason why things don’t work out as planned but remain positive and always believe something better is about to happen.

    You deserve the best and everyone who knows you think you’re awesome & are extremely proud of you.

    All good things are coming your way soon xxx

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  3. alaher1 says:

    Unfortunately bad news and disappointments are part of life. It comes and goes but never let it pull you down. Learn from it, make changes from it, take risks, ask for advice, listen and it will pass! Something good always comes out from experiencing bad news!
    It’s ok we will sort it out together
    We are one!
    We are loved


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