Brother, sister love!

Every one of us who has a sibling knows how hard it is. You fight, you don’t share but there are times where we need each other.

When we are all older, or you may already be older, we will all need our siblings. No matter how annoying they are, they’ll be the only ones there for you. They’ll be the only ones who know you for you. The ones who can guide you through your problems and they will make you laugh in the craziest way possible. There is no friend like a brother or a sister.

Some Fascinating Facts About Siblings:

  1. We spend more time with our siblings more than our parents, friends, teachers and even when we’re alone.
  2. Siblings fight a lot, scientifically siblings create a conflict every 10 minutes.
  3. 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers have a preferred sibling.
  4. a big part of your individual personality comes from your behaviour and feelings towards your siblings.
  5. The youngest sibling is the smartest one.
  6. Middle children get given the least amount of attention.
  7. The most common fight between siblings is over property
  8. Parental conflicts can make siblings stronger in relationship.
  9. The death of a parent brings siblings closer.
  10. No matter how many times siblings fight there relationship is very strong.

The way you treat your brother or sister will effect the way other people will treat you. They will be your BFF’s forever, till the day you die. Try the hardest you can to be the best brother or sister you can be. If your the younger child you will live up to your elder sibling and if your the elder sibling you have to work extra hard to be as kind as you can be because your younger sibling will always follow your footsteps.

Still searching for my dream…


8 thoughts on “Brother, sister love!

  1. grace de cani says:

    I used to really hate my sister and think she was really annoying but I just did said that to annoy her but inside I really love her. Also if I imagine myself as a lonely child life looks so boring and you have no one to talk to that’s been through it all.

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  2. Ayesha Laher says:

    Hmmmm not sure about BFFs forever, my big brother and I don’t really chill out together 😉. Although when your siblings have children then it’s the best thing everrrrrrrr to be the Aunty!!!!

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  3. alaher1 says:

    Siblings rivalry helps all family members close together. You love each other really but have a weird way of showing it. I was so close to my brother till the age of 11 then we argued and fought loads. Now we adults we have a mature outlook to our relationship. You will grow out if this phase. I know you can’t live without each other.
    You will find your dream . . . Keep on searching 🙏🏼


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