Big Jump!

Changing from Primary school to Secondary school will probably be the biggest step in life your ever going to have to take. I find out which Secondary school I’m going to go to on Tuesday. Sometimes the school that you would want to go to may mean you will have to be separated from your closest friends that you have grown up with.

Sometimes changing schools just means your growing up and its the time when you need to start over and try new things (well that’s how I see it), the main thing is your at school to learn. Changing to Secondary does mean harder and more challenging work, all that means is that we have grown up and everyone thinks we are ready to take on more harder challenges. I realized that when I was walking around all the different schools everything looked so big and more modern. There’s nothing wrong with that but at the moment it will feel different to us, think about it, if your one of those people who are in Year 6 in only a couple of months we will be in a total other school with other people and new friends.

Making new friends probably won’t be easy because you don’t know them. You don’t know what they are like and you wouldn’t want to be in the wrong crowd. My advice is be friendly and try to understand each other, find your similarities and differences. Try to look as presentable as you can and be CONFIDENT, believe that you can do it! But be careful who you make friends with make sure they are safe and trustworthy.

Turning over a new leaf. Most of us would want to start over and be who you truly are because sometimes we pretend to be someone else to get someone to like you. I have recently discovered that being myself makes people like me more, for example: the boy I have a crush on, ever since I started to be myself he started to like me! Being yourself isn’t always a bad thing, if anything it’s the best because that’s why god created you. Changing yourself to be someone else isn’t going to help anyone, but changing from someone you aren’t to being someone you are will help you 110%.

Don’t believe in movie eg: High School Musical, although it’s a great movie not all of it is entirely true. Especially not breaking out into a song every moment you can! I can tell you one thing (even though I’m not in secondary yet) that Secondary School will make you feel as comfortable as you were in Primary.

Good Luck to all of you who are about to go into Secondary! I hope you feel welcome and safe. Please comment if you have any queries about starting Secondary, I’ll try my hardest to help. Thank you for reading this!

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How to host a Spa Sleepover

Recently I had a spa sleepover with two of my most amazing friends, as it is my birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Me!

Hopefully, these tips will help you host the perfect spa sleepover if you would like to have one:)


  • Nail buffer
  • Nail file
  • hand cream/body butter/lotion
  • nail polish
  • nail remover
  • cotton pads and buds
  • buckets (to put the warm water ready)
  • small bowls( for your hands)


Make sure you have your parents permissionho;hjbhk

As silly as this may sound it is vital information. If you don’t get your parents permission how will they help you, if you think you don’t need help, well trust me YOU WILL. I would say to have more than one because when you have your Manicure and Pedicure you wouldn’t want everyone else will be having theirs done and there will be one or more people waiting.


Have a set date where you know your friends will be freecalendar

It’s great knowing that your free but what about your friends. I would suggest doing it on the weekend or near the beginning or end of the holidays as many people won’t be on their trips then.



Find an exciting theme (in this case spa but just in case you want another idea)images1SUWQ0HR

A themed sleepover is the best. It’s a time when you can take your creativity to a whole new level. Here’s some advice: make sure your theme suites everyone’s personality. It wouldn’t be nice to have a puppy themed party when one of your friends are allergic to dogs.



Choose who your inviting and how many

The difficulty with choosing how many people to bring is mild but choosing who is a really tough decision. I found that I knew how many people I wanted but then I had a tricky decision between lots of different people. So I suggest to think really carefully about this. Also, try not to invite too many people because you wan to give everyone your attention and it is hard trying to control loads of kids when they are high on sugar.guest-list1STEP 6

Gather and buy all your products that you will needkingston

The last thing you want is to come to the day of the sleepover and realize that you have forgotten something. I made sure I bought everything even though it did take me two trips to the Bentall Centre. Make a shopping list because that is the most helpful thing that you are going to need.

Step 7

Make sure your siblings don’t feel sad

My brother was there at my sleepover. You would probably want to get rid of them but it is their house to. My brother didn’t get in our way at all. You just need to calmly speak to them and give them some set rules. Don’t forget sharing is caring, share all your delicious treats with them too.opopopopopopopo



 Step 8

Goodies and mealsHHHH.png

Plan out what your going to eat and drink for each meal; will they be staying for lunch the next day? Shall we order a takeaway? But most importantly you need to find out if  your friends have any allergies or can’t eat specific foods. Also, make sure your friends are happy with what the meals are. I always like to order pizza and make homemade pancakes the following morning.

 Step 9

Decorate the housepokijhgf.png

Jazz it up a bit. Be creative. Get your guests in the mood of the sleepover. Light candles, hand buntings, use fairy lights etc. Don’t go to over the top because it is a sleepover and the next day everything will seem unnecessary and the more tidying up you’ll have to do.

Step 10

Have a great time

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and make sure all your guests are happy. Ensure that you or your parents have all of the guests phone number just in case of an aab4f33f63dd887f1399dcb54ee73a0c.jpgemergency. Include everyone and make sure everyone feels safe and comfy.


A little idea that I did in my sleepover is henna tattoos. If you do decide to do this please please please make sure you get permission and you are under adult supervision.

Thank you for reading. Any questions? Just ask me in the comments below and I’ll try my hardest to get back to you also I would love to hear what your sleepover experiences were like. Thanks again and the next time I’ll be blogging will be when I am 11. Please like and follow my site if you enjoy my posts thanks for the third time:)

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Brother, sister love!

Every one of us who has a sibling knows how hard it is. You fight, you don’t share but there are times where we need each other.

When we are all older, or you may already be older, we will all need our siblings. No matter how annoying they are, they’ll be the only ones there for you. They’ll be the only ones who know you for you. The ones who can guide you through your problems and they will make you laugh in the craziest way possible. There is no friend like a brother or a sister.

Some Fascinating Facts About Siblings:

  1. We spend more time with our siblings more than our parents, friends, teachers and even when we’re alone.
  2. Siblings fight a lot, scientifically siblings create a conflict every 10 minutes.
  3. 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers have a preferred sibling.
  4. a big part of your individual personality comes from your behaviour and feelings towards your siblings.
  5. The youngest sibling is the smartest one.
  6. Middle children get given the least amount of attention.
  7. The most common fight between siblings is over property
  8. Parental conflicts can make siblings stronger in relationship.
  9. The death of a parent brings siblings closer.
  10. No matter how many times siblings fight there relationship is very strong.

The way you treat your brother or sister will effect the way other people will treat you. They will be your BFF’s forever, till the day you die. Try the hardest you can to be the best brother or sister you can be. If your the younger child you will live up to your elder sibling and if your the elder sibling you have to work extra hard to be as kind as you can be because your younger sibling will always follow your footsteps.

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Don’t follow your dreams, CHASE THEM!

We all have that one dream that keeps going round and round our head, that never ends. Whether it’s a crush, a passion or your future. Whatever it is if you believe in it it’ll come true. Can you live up to your dream? YES! Always believe that you can, no matter how silly or crazy it is. There is or will be that one moment in your life where you feel like your dream is long lost and forgotten. Well it isn’t, it is still there in your brain. Scientists have found out that you dream a dream that will always make you happy no matter what!

If you do have a dream don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving it, the only person that will stop you from achieving it will be you no one else. Your time is too valuable to be distracted by negative people. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.

        From now on, believe that you can make your dream come true and that the real person to change your life from bad to great is you. Dream to your hearts content.

    We shouldn’t be afraid of anything. I get worried a lot and I want you to listen to this because it helped me massively: Imagine a box place all your worries and fears in that box until your mind is completely wiped out from negative energy and full of positive energy. Every time something makes you cry, worry or sad put it into this box. Just IMAGINE…

  Never try to change yourself but you can change your future. Your dream is your future live up to it.

Never stop believing, dreaming, live up to the future you want!


Still searching for my dream…