The Power Of A Smile!

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

Whatever you smile about. Whenever you smile. Whoever makes you smile. A smile is the most powerful super power any human can have.

Sometimes you may feel like your having a bad day but no one can survive a day without smiling. Sometimes we just smile because we want to and sometimes other people make us smile. The truth is we don’t know how great a smile is for you. Here are some facts about smiling:

  1. Smiling can relieve stress
  2. It’s easier to smile than to frown
  3. Smiling is really good for your immune system
  4. babies are born with the ability to smile
  5. It takes 5-53 muscles to smile
  6. The more you smile the less likely it is that you’ll become ill
  7. Women smile 10 times as much as men
  8. Smiling is contagious
  9. those who smile tend to live longer
  10. there are 19 different types of smiles
You may be smiling to yourself while reading this or you may be frowning. Try to turn that frown upside down…can you feel a difference? You probably can, are you calmer? The answer should be yes. Now try to smile at someone else whoever it is, you’ll then probably notice that they’ll smile back at you. That is how magnificent a smile is.
We all know how Monday mornings are the worst and scientists say that we don’t smile until 11:24am. Where as on any other day we tend to smile only a few minutes after we wake up. I’ve one a blog post before about school and how to enjoy yourself, well next time you go to school and you feel like it’s just going to be another typical school day
*urgh*. Try to lift your head up, look around you, you’ll realise mostly everyone has a  warm smile stretched across your face. That will then make you smile and the rest of your day will be filled with happiness.
Never stop smiling. Smile to everyone, even everything. BE HAPPY, KEEP SMILING. Please say in the comments below what makes you smile I’d love to hear them thanks for reading.
Still searching for my dream…

6 thoughts on “The Power Of A Smile!

  1. grace de cani says:

    Smiling is one of the most important things. If you’re not smiling people might think you’re upset. Luckily I have the bestest friend and every day she comes into school with a great big smile and that always makes my day.☺☺😀😀

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