You’ve got a friend in me!

I bet everyone here has a best friend, I know I do and if she’s reading this right know I just want her to know that YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME and I mean that!! Everyone knows that in a friendship there are a lot of ups and downs. I know that I have experienced times like that (downs and ups). Here are a few tips to help you, hope they help ;)!

  1. If you feel like  your best friend is getting a new BFF, you may be wrong. Let her go. This is really important that you must read it again. LET HER GO. Interfering will not help, it’ll just make things worse. Maybe invite her to a sleepover or play date ( both of them) that way you’ll be able to make friends with her new (maybe) friend. Also, your original friend will realise your still fun and jolly even though there is something wrong!
  2. Spend as much time as you can with her, whether it’s at school or at home. It’s not a great experience if you have a BFF but during the holidays or at school your with someone else or too busy. Try to invite her round and arrange day trips. If you do this once you’ll realise how fun it is and want to do it again and again. This will make you and your friend closer and happier!
  3. Accept your friend as how she is. You may be a fashionista and she may be a jock, but if you try to change any person all your doing is ruining their true qualities. Everyone is amazing in their own ways. Each and everyone of us is special and different in our own ways, if we were all the same there would be no point in being in a friendship!
  4. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your friendship. This happened to me one time and it’s the worst thing ever! One mean girl in our class told me I couldn’t play or go near my best friend. I didn’t handle it very well, I just cried and ran to the bathroom. Not the way to deal with it *CRINGE*! I’ve learnt lots since then, you shouldn’t let it hurt you. Let that person say what they have to say and then you just walk away as if what she said didn’t even come out of her/his mouth.


I hope these tips helped you , if you have anything worrying you about your friendship that I haven’t mentioned or you still need help then please tell me in the comments below and I’ll try my hardest to help you. Just remember that no matter what’s going on it’ll always work out. Thank you for reading and please comment if anything.

Still searching for my dream…


8 thoughts on “You’ve got a friend in me!

  1. grace de cani says:

    Yep. I remember that day when you ran into the toilets I had no idea what was going on !!!!! Friends are there to guide you in life and are always like part of your family.

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  2. Ayesha Laher says:

    These tips applies to anyone, at any age and at any stage in life. If there is a special bond then nothing and no one should be able to break it. Always be honest with each other, trustworthy and keep communicating and your friendship will last forever.


  3. alaher1 says:

    Friends will come and go but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. Some you might be relieved to let go. But friends are like an extended family who bring joys and share sadness together. Being there and communicating! Having a laugh and sharing good times all makes a good friendship last! Xx


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