We all know that dreaded feeling of going back to school, the early mornings, the studying and all the homework. Some people don’t mind, like me, I see fun. This may sound  like I’m an absolute nerd but it is my last year in Primary and I need to make the most of it.

You all love your friends, don’t you? I love mine, I wouldn’t change them for the world. They always fill me with happiness and I can’t wait to see them. Without our Best friends School life would be like hell! You can still survive without them but it just won’t be as much fun.

If you don’t like school here’s a bit of advice: enjoy it while your there it will be the most memorable time of your life, you would have met your first best friends, learnt hoe to count and read. Without school the rest of our lives would be blank, full of nothing. All I’m saying is enjoy it, before you know it we will be grown up having our own jobs, looking after our kids. By then our childhood will be forgotten but there will always be that one special memory and that always starts with School!

Still searching for my dream…





4 thoughts on “SCHOOL DAYS!

  1. Ayesha Laher says:

    You’re absolutely right it’s all about making awesome memories with fab friends but also to use the opportunity to expand your knowledge and be the best you can at whatever you do.


  2. alaher1 says:

    School helps you and prepares you to be s good citizen. It teaches you important life skills. It’s great you enjoy school as this will really help you when you are older! Sometimes you might be thinking what am I learning and why but everything you will use at some point in your life!


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