Hello world!

I’ve decided to start my very own blog. Why? May be the question popping inside your head well I can tell you, that I find this will be a great way of expressing my thoughts, experiences and worries but one thing that I hope this blog will help me do is, to help me find my one dream, my one passion.

My dad thinks that I scatter myself too much and I kind of agree with him; I do a bit of piano, a bit of swimming, a bit of art, a bit of dance. One day a want to be a musician the next I want to be an Olympic swimmer. I never know what my true passion is. All my friends know what they want to be and I’m always saying,”I don’t know!”

I don’t even think anyone will read this. I guess I’m just writing here for my own eyes. If by any chance anyone is reading please comment below so I know.

Well I guess that’s it for now, please let me know what you think and I’ll write many more interesting (hopefully) blog posts! Thank you for reading (if anyone really is)!

Still searching for my dream…


8 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. jellyfish says:

    A flower only blossoms when the conditions are just right. The right season, temperature, moisture, surroundings etc. If one thing isn’t quite right or it blossoms too early then the flower won’t show its full potential . . it’s full beauty!!

    Your dreams and aspirations will change as you grow and experience new things. As long as you immerse yourself in the right things, the right environment, around the right people then your dreams will take their own shape to suit you!

    Don’t feel you have to rush into deciding your future. Enjoy your youth and absorb and learn from your education and what life throws at you, challenges and all. Equip yourself with the right conditions and just like a flower you will blossom when the time is right.

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  2. alaher1 says:

    Well done – awesome gurst post! You have a natural gift that enables you to write creatively and imaginatively. This is the reason why you will be so epic at writing blogs. You will be liked and your posts will be liked by the world.

    You will be amazing at whatever you end up doing but remember work hard play harder 😜


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