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Summer time

Before I kick into things I just want to apologise for not doing a blog post for how long, I think it has been 4 weeks. My life seems to just get busier and busier even though I am just a normal 11 year old girl. From school life to friends.

For this weeks blog post I am going to give you tips on how to have the best summer eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Go outside        Instead of being stuck inside all day go outside, if walking and running isn’t your thing then that’s why we all have gardens.
  2. Picnics               I love picnics just the thought of everyone together friends or family and all the food. Especially when it’s in a field with no dogs as I hate them!picnic1
  3. Water                 In summer due to the BOILING weather our body can lose soooo much water causing us to dehydrate and that is not nice at all. So the best think to do is DRINK DRINK DRINK!
  4. Hang out with friends            You can do this all year round but I just thought I would remind you especially if you’re like me and about to leave for secondary, leaving your friends.friends.png
  5. Make the most of it                  In England our summers are very short and not that hot so when a sunny day comes make the most of it. Do as much as you can outdoors do things you can’t do in winter.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please follow and comment what you are looking forward to doing this summer. Thanks again and hope you have an amazing summer!

Still search for my dream…



I guess this quote really is true! And I can prove it. If you are a consistent reader of my blogs, then you will know about me not getting a place in a secondary school. Well read on and you’ll find out the true meaning of this quote and my dream…

I once remember being a little girl, dreaming about what it would be like to be older. Old enough to go out by myself, old enough to buy my own clothes and old enough to go to High School. Dreaming is one of the greatest things the human brain can do. It’s when you can achieve the impossible. Dreaming is magical! Dreaming is inspirational! Dreaming is daring! Dreaming is endless!

Once you believe, your dream no longer seems unreal. Believing that your going to accomplish something is amazing. No it’s fantastic. Actually it’s perfect! When you believe you can achieve it’s that easy! Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the impossible. Dream that you can believe. Believe that you can dream.  oh yeax

Achieving something is hard. Achieving something requires hard work and dedication (yeah I know you probably hear that all the time). You can only achieve if you believe and you can only believe if you dream.

Now you know what each of these words mean let me explain how it’s true. As I said at the beginning of this blog, I hadn’t had a secondary school to go to. Well I dreamt about it, since I was a little girl. I believed I would get a place in the school that I wanted. And somehow I achieved it. I HAVE NOW GOT A PLACE IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL I WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading this. Please comment on your DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE moments. And while your doing that don’t forget to follow. Thanks again!

Still searching for my dream…

(At least I’ve found this one!)

Luscious Lush!

As I said in my previous blog, taking a bubble bath is the most relaxing moment anyone can take. Sometimes it’s ok with just the water and bubbles, but what’s even better is with a heavenly scent.

Since the beginning of 2016 ,or before that can’t really remember, I have been loving the shop Lush. Those of you who haven’t heard of lush before, it is a shop that sells a range of handmade beauty products that smell sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and help your skin massively.

I thought it would be nice if I would share some of my favourite lush products that I have been using/used:

  1. Intergalactic

Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour sends your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky. Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood take hold, evoking the warmth of human contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit.



2. Pink Flamingo

Being a flamingo lover I saw this and fell in love with it, it only seemed unfair to not buy it.Birds of a feather bathe together! Slip into something more fruity with this cocktail-inspired reusable bubble bar, filled with fragrant rosewood and ylang ylang. To set the mood for all kinds of nude, softening butters and refreshing bergamot leave you feeling in the pink. Let the bubbly flow!

3.  Yoga Bomb

Take a journey of the self as reassuringly soothing sandalwood oil creates a sanctuary of calm in your bath. When you plunge this meditative fizzer into the water, slow mesmerising shades of oranges, purples and turquoise will unfurl. At the same time deeply relaxing olibanum and ho wood release, fragrancing your body and surroundings. It’s the ideal atmosphere to lie back and contemplate life. The most relaxing bath bomb I’ve ever had.

4. Think Pink

My first lush product! No thinking cap is needed to realise that this candy-flowered bath companion truly adores you. Pop it into warm water and revel in the pinkened sweet tonka and comforting Fair Trade vanilla pool that unfolds. A sunny note of neroli oil complements soothing lavender to create a cheerful, yet calming heart-spangled soak.

5. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Prep your lips with a buff and polish at the start of your make-up routine to ensure your lipstick glides on and stays put. Just apply with a clean finger, and let the exfoliating caster sugar and softening jojoba oil scrub away dead skin and infuse moisture to rejuvenate your smile. Bubblegum lip scrub won’t leave any greasy residue; just a sweet candy taste that you’ll enjoy licking off. Lip-smackingly good.

6. Full Of Grace

A deeply moisturising facial serum in solid form that glides on to leave skin feeling renewed without heaviness. We’ve created a skin-feeding blend of oils and mixed with Portobello mushrooms for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals, whilst chamomile blue oil and calamine powder calm the skin – and the latter controls greasiness too. Warm on the fingertips or glide it across the skin like a massage bar, allowing the bar to melt and all the beautiful ingredients to soak in.

7. Apandapand

Get them while they’re fresh. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to wash away the blues with this grapefruit soap. Grab a slice between your hands, give it a rub and lather up to release your fruity side. And remember, when it comes to a slice of this soap, size matters. Grab a big one. We really do put the whole fruit in…

8.  The Experimenter

If you’re looking for adventure… you’ll find it in The Experimenter, starring vibrant colour, popping candy and Fair Trade vanilla absolute from near the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda.

An enigmatic and comforting romance of… deep, complex vetivert notes that enthrall your senses before creamy vanilla and tonka provide a sweet antidote.

It’s everything you’ve always wanted to do … and with a plethora of five bright colours, it’s the only one you’ll ever want to do it with again.

The most thrilling bath number ever staged. It’s unbelievable, it’s sensational, it’s The Experimenter.

9. I love Juicy

Packed with fresh fruit to deeply cleanse and clarify hair. This is a fruit cocktail for the hair to cleanse and refresh it, softening seaweed to leave your locks super-shiny once they’re extra-clean. Freshly juiced pineapples, kiwi, mango and papaya are full of enzymes that help break down excess sebum (oil) on the scalp, leaving hair looking and feeling fresh and clean.

10. Rainbow fun

The only thing that could improve rainbows up above the street, is if they were as close to you as your shoes are to your feet.

So watch them smiling over the sky and turn your head to grin, then quickly run to your bathroom and take this Fun bar in.

Make the seven colours into any shape you’d like, then run the water, settle in and take them on a hike.

Over belly button, then heads and shoulders too, a juicy blend with lemon oil will make skin feel brand new.

Cheery lime and grapefruit oils are bursting from your palm, Fair Trade vanilla sweetens and chamomile adds calm.


Hope you found this list useful. If you have anything else to say plz comment below. Also I would love to hear which lush product is your favourite. Thank you for reading!

Still searching for my dream…





My 5 tips to get through a bad day!

I’d like to think of myself as calm and positive, but I do have my bad days, just like everyone else. I always try to get my mind of it and try multiple different things to calm me down. Here are a 5 tips that I can guarantee will make you feel so much better.


You may laugh at the sound of this! But it helps, massively. I’ve started to meditate a lot. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are you can do it. I just sit on my bed and put some classical music on in the background. I always imagine the beach because beaches make me feel calm but it’s up to you. What makes you feel calm?


Go outside

My mum just yelled at me for not being outside. She asked me to go on a walk with her. She obviously doesn’t understand. I would go for a walk with her but my blog is more important I will go outside seeing as we will be going to the cinema. She is right though, I do need to get outside more and be all active. Once I am out I instantly feel great. Whether you go for a walk or a run, play or sit. The outdoor air can do you so much good!


Run a candle lit bath

My favourite. Nothing beats a warm bubble bath, filled with the scent of a lush bath bomb! Lying in a bath can chase all you worries away. Maybe take in a book to read or play some music in the background. Anything to suit you!



As boring as this may sound, it can help. It’s calm and relaxing and I always feel as if I’m on some type of interesting, magical adventure. Unless that’s just me being a nerd/geek!


Hang out with friends

They are the light of our lives. My BFF makes me smile and that’s all that matters. Your friends always make you happy no matter what! Having them around always creates a memory worth having. They are there for us and always will be.


Hope you found this helpful. And remember there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you xx

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It’s A Girly Thing!

Boys think girls are weak. Boys think girls are useless. But what do us girls think. Are we strong? Are we clever? As long as we think we are who we want to be then everything’s fine.

It’s not just clothes and shoes that girls worry about it’s a whole lot more. And much more important. Boys don’t understand what girls have to go through sometimes. Girls have emotional breakdowns and worry a lot more than boys. Sometimes it’s about silly little things and sometimes it’s about something big. For boys losing a football match is the worst moment of their lives, but for girls losing a best friend is the worst moment of our lives.

The other day my dad told me something, ” Don’t let silly little things get to me easily.” I hate to say it but he’s right. I was getting all worked up for nothing really. So what my brother laughed at me because of what I’m wearing. What does he know about fashion. I’ve always cried over little things eg: Thinking that my best friend had made a new best friend, who cares there are loads of other girls to play with. Girls do get all worked up more than boys. Girls do have to go through had times during each month. Boys have to learn to put up with it it’s who we are now and who we are going to be for the rest of our lives!

Sometimes girls do overreact. I can definitely say that I do. Just because my brother touches me I shout and scream at him. I do get moody a lot, I guess my family has learnt to live with it but when I’m in my teens… things will get a lot worse. I really don’t know how I will cope growing up. What will life throw at me? What will the future me be like? I don’t know but what I do know is if I be less moody and try to be a little calmer than I can be the person I want to be.


Before I even get started on girls’ fashion and looks I just want everyone to know. Whoever is reading this: friends or family, girl or boy, child or adult. You are all beautiful in your own way and DON’T LET ANYONE EVER DULL YOUR SPARKLE. Girls’ biggest worry is about how they look. I have noticed that since I turned 11 I have noticed a big difference in how I look and how I think I look. I have become more aware of what I wear and what I look like. I don’t want anyone to not like me because of the way I look (even though that’s wrong, you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks you should judge them on their personality). I want people to like me just the way I am. That’s what I’ve learnt being myself gets me further in life than clothes. I that’s just who girls are. They do worry about looks and we always will. But just be yourself.

I cry a lot as I have said before. I cry, I swear and I go off in a mood. What type of life is that? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being a moody, sad girl. But the problem is sometimes I cry and I don’t know why. The other day I was crying and my dad asked me what’s the matter , and I mean I was seriously crying, but I didn’t know why. I had no idea what I was crying about. I couldn’t stop. I guess just at that time everything just seemed a bit too much. Sometimes crying is ok. Sometimes you need to cry. Sometimes all you have to do is put a fake smile on, lift your head up high and walk away. When I walk away I imagine myself walking and stomping on all of the bad things and focus on how lucky I am to have a family that loves me and friends who love me.

Girls are tricky to understand, We all know that. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. Just smile and believe that something good will always happen you just have to look for it.

Thank you for reading this. Hope you enjoyed this. Please leave your worries and problems of being a girl in the comments below and also I would find it really helpful if you could just leave a few suggestions on what I could do for my next blog post.

Don’t forget if the front door gets slammed in your face then go through the back door and work your way forward and if the back doors locked then go through the window there is always a way in to hope and faith.

Still searching for my dream…

Time For Change!

Do you ever feel as if you need to change? Maybe your lifestyle or how you look?

Before I actually start I just want to say sorry about missing a week. Normally I do 1 blog post a week but I missed last week because of holidays and being busy. Sorry.xx

Many people wait till the new year to change…but why can’t you start now. Nothing is stopping you. Changing anything about yourself or your life nearly always makes you feel much better and more free. I’ve done something that will change how I look for the rest of my life…I’ve cut my hair short. My hair was up to my belly-button and now it’s just below my shoulders. Obviously I thought about it loads before, I also asked my friends and family for advice.


Changing your life/lifestyle is probably the most difficult. I can tell you from experience it’s not easy. Before year 5 I was.. let’s say… a bit of a bully. Many people didn’t like me. I decided I needed to do something about this, I can’t go stomping through life being a bully. I tried and tried and tried for ages to become a better me and it worked. I became closer to my BFF and I made loads more friends. Even the boys liked me a little more, before they were scared of me (don’t ask, trust me you don’t want to know.) If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

Life will always have its ups and downs. We have to learn to live with it but if we try to become a better person and act in a better way maybe those downs in life won’t be so painful. Think about it, when you are sad you are sad alone but when you are happy the whole world is happy with you. When you are sad the world around you seems so grey but when you are happy the world seems more colourful. Now think which world you would rather live in.


We all think ‘I look horrible’ and ‘I wish I looked like that person’ but have you ever thought how lucky you are. No one is ugly, no one is beautiful. Before I used to think I was ugly, everyone used to tease me. I stayed strong. I then learnt who cares what anyone else thinks, what’s really important is what YOU think. Changing your look is fine. I’ve done it as I’ve said previously. There’s no harm in changing how you look. Although wearing make up can make you look pretty (as I have said in my previous blog), it is not changing your look. Maybe you used to dress girly and you then decide to go goth. That doesn’t matter, there is nothing wrong with that because it’s your choice!


Is there anything else you would want to change about yourself or anything and are having difficulties? Just comment below and let me know. If you need any advice, I’ll try my best to help you. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’ve found it useful.

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Natural Beauty

Girls don’t have to cover their face with make up and dress up with the smallest dress possible, it’s what you naturally look like that counts. Yes, sometimes you will have to wear make up when your going out and stuff, but the real beauty is within you! Also at the end I have something exciting to show you!

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Most of the time you do need to look after your skin, not my smearing your face with tons of moisturizer (that just pushes all the dirt in) but keeping clean. Here are some tips:

  1. Clean your face with warm water every morning and night

Warm water help get all the dirt out from your pores where as if you use cold water it doesn’t do anything. It’s most important to wash your face at night as once you wake up your face is left fresh. There are quite a few great products that you can use to wash your face, these are some that I enjoy to use:


2. Drink as much water as you can

Water! Water! Water! WAAATTTEEERRR!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water! Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water!  Water! Water! Water! Water! Water! I think I’ve said it enough times to make you understand. Water is the most powerful product that you can use to help your skin. Trust me! It’s better than toners, moisturizers, cleansing wipes, creams, the highest SPF product, even though sometimes they can help, water still beats them!


3. Understand that everyone gets spots

They may be really annoying sometimes and they bloody hurt but we all get them. The worst thing to do is prod at them trying to get rid of them. LEAVE THEM ALONE! It’s natural. They will go at some point just keep cleaning your face with warm water and try not to use as many oily products on them and DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Your fingers are incredibly dirty, the last thing you need is an infected spot.

4. Do not wear piles and piles of makeup

Makeup is nice to wear, but too much is too bad. Wearing too much makeup damages your skin. All the chemicals in makeup are really bad for you. A little bit is ok, but I don’t know too much about make up a I’m only 11. I’ve only heard my mum talk to me about this stuff.

TOO MUCH                            JUST RIGHT

I’m sorry I have no more tips. I hope you have found these useful. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you are remembered for you not how you look. I know I said I have something exciting to show you and here it is: I bought this new jumper from Primark and as soon as I saw it, it straight away reminded me of this blog, here is a picture of it! Hope you like it and thanks for reading this!


Still searching for my dream…



Believe YOU are special.

Believe YOU are unique.

Believe YOU can be the one you want to be.

Every single one of you are amazing in your own way. No other person is like you, no matter what life has for you, you know what to do.

You should never try to change who you are. You can change how you look, your style, your attitude, your behaviour, but you can never change who you are. We were born to be the ones we are now and forever will be. Obviously, from time to time we all wish we were someone else, maybe because of richness, beauty or anything else. We are all who we are for a reason, you can choose what to do with your life if you try and believe. I always use the word ‘believe’ in my blogs because, for me, that is the strongest word (in a good way). If you believe you can achieve anything (well not everything but you get what I mean).

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If you don’t know who you are and who you want to be, then that’s not a problem because that’s me. I know who I am obviously – a human – but I don’t know my true self. I always ask myself this question: Who do I want to be? The answer to that is…


I have no idea!!! That is why I’m writing this blog. To find out who I am. I believe (there goes that word again) that I will find out in the end…hopefully.

You don’t need to rush into choosing who you are, the answer will come when it’s the right time. You already are who you are, we just don’t notice it. We are who we are, there is nothing to do about it and there’s nothing wrong about it.

YOU are amazing.

YOU are wanted.

YOU are successful.

YOU are who you want to be.

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Still searching for my dream…

Hopefully you aren’t 😉